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Chirri Who? Chirri guarding our sailboat 'Techoun'

In case you wondered who or what Chirri is, then I'll put you out of your misery! Chirri is the name of our dog. He's a honey coloured rescue dog, and probably a cross between a Saluki and a Labrador. As you've probably guessed, it's his picture on the intro page of this website.He's on a diet at the moment because the vet says he's too fat, so if you meet him when out on a trip with us, go easy on the tid-bits.

The name Chirri is a Nepalese, Sherpa name, and the name of one of our Sherpa friends, who has accompanied us on several Himalayan treks. Chirri (the Sherpa), is famous for once stopping for a rest and leaving all of the group's egg supply behind. He ran back to try and retrieve them, but somebody had already claimed them as their own. I'm sure they'd have put them to good use.

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