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Here are some hand-picked links to sites that I find interesting and useful. Some are also included as a courtesy to webmasters of sites that cross-link to Chirri2000.

If you have a website which you think may be of interest to my visitors then please do contact me with a view to cross linking.

UAE Interact - This is the official site of the UAE Ministry of Information and Culture, and is a goldmine of information about this fascinating country. The Virtual Museum and section on UAE Wildlife in particular, are worth a look.

ADIAS - The official website of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey presents a wealth of information for anyone interested in archaeology. Yes, the UAE has had a fantastic history of archeological discovery, and recent finds are making it even more important in pieceing together our distant past.

ENHG - The Al Ain chapter of the Emirates Natural History Group website is of a 'Text, Links, and Pictures' design, but don't be fooled into thinking that it isn't worth digging below the surface. The site has a virtual warehouse full of information about the UAE, Oman, and the natural history of this region. I know for a fact that members of the Natural History Group in Al-Ain have put in an enormous amount of effort into publishing vast quantities of material, gathered by members over a period in excess of 30 years. If it wasn't for their hard work, much of the information would have been lost or left gathering dust on shelves. Many papers were type-written and so had to be OCR'd or laboriously re-typed into an electronic form.

ERWDA - The UAE Environmental and Wildlife Development Agency are doing fine job in caring for the UAE environment and wildlife.

ENHG - The Abu Dhabi Emirates Natural History group is a focus for natural historians, professional and amateur alike. Meetings take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month from September to June. The venue is the Cultural Centre housed in the Old Fort on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi City. There is a small membrship fee but guests are welcome to attend meetings.

The Kates Hill Press - The website of a good old friend of mine, who shared in my early days in the U.A.E. Greg Stokes, like me back then, was a laboratory scientist, and also like me, wanted to be doing something else. Having grown up with the now famous british comedian, Lennie Henry, Greg had plenty of stories to tell, but most of all, I knew him as a very special character who knew what he wanted, and would struggle on to realise his dreams. We've recently been in touch again, after too many years, and I'm delighted to hear that he has founded a publishing company and found a wider audience for his undoubted talent. The link will take you to Greg's site where he has a collection of his short stories about his time in the Gulf. Well worth a look, and it will be sure to bring back a few memories to those that lived here in the early eighties.

American Veterinary Clinic - Wealth of infomation for those with pets to look after, including information about transporting your pet to or from the UAE.

GoMideast - An interesting site with information for visitors to the Middle East. This site has some fine pictures - some of them mine!!

Nepal Vista - A very useful information site on Nepal.

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